YouTube bans harmful prank videos after “Bird Box challenge”

YouTube bans harmful prank videos

YouTube bans harmful prank and dangerous stunt videos after “Bird Box challenge”

After many dangerous or potentially harmful prank and stunt videos have gone viral, like the Bird Box and Tide Pod challenges. YouTube has updated new guidelines for YouTube videos creator to directly ban all harmful pranks or dangerous stunt that emotionally distressing.

Youtube revealed new policies that creators must follow when uploading videos. The biggest changes is a section dedicated entirely very dangerous pranks.

In the harmful prank and stunt challenges that have sometimes resulted in death or serious injury. Recently, a teenager crashed a car while attempting the Bird Box challenge.

There will be a 2 month period where YouTube won’t give a strike against channels that violate the policy. Although it will still remove all videos who violates these guidelines before or during that period.

We have made that our policies prohibiting harmful and dangerous content also egregious content, such as graphics or pornography violence extend to the perceived danger of serious physical injury. which like other social networks is trying to show that it is tackling problematic content. Said YouTube.

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It is not clear, how YouTube will police the new rules with some pointing out its failed attempts to enforce existing guidelines preventing emotionally distressing and harmful material.

The YouTube is giving creators 2 months to clean their channels up. After that, any video that violates these policies and guidelines will be removed and creators could receive a community guideline strike against their channel.