Woman in Florida stabs cop in arm with knife before being shot dead

A woman in Florida stabs a cop in arm with butcher’s knife before being shot dead

The moment a woman lunged at police with a butcher’s knife before she was shot dead has been captured in dramatic bodycam footage.

In the newly released clip, Leah Baker, 29, can be seen bursting out of a house with the weapon when police responding to a call about a domestic dispute knocked on the door.

Baker lunges towards Officer Elizabeth Mechling and stabs her in the arm within seconds of appearing on the porch of a northwest Jacksonville home in Florida.

What the f*** Mechling says while stumbling back onto the street and telling a dispatcher she was stabbed. Drop the f***ing knife! Get on the fing ground.

Baker appears to toss the knife before picking it up again, prompting Mechling to fire two shots, both of which missed, WJXT reports.

A second officer, Sgt. John Nobles, an 18-year Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office veteran, then arrives and demands Baker drop the knife, according to the video.

Put that f****ng knife down right now, Nobles says.

Get on the ground, get away from that knife, Mechling yells.

Baker picks up the knife and lunges toward Noble, who fires four shots.

Baker falls to the ground but holds onto the knife before punching a police K-9 that latches onto her leg. The dog dragged Baker into the street as officers took her into custody, the station reports.

Eventually, she is handcuffed and placed in an ambulance.

Baker died in hospital after being shot by cop
Baker died in hospital after being shot by cop

Baker, whose mother said had mental health issues, was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

I can’t condone my daughter’s actions, but at the same time, I have fought with different hospitals to get the help she needed, Charity Baker says.

She said her daughter had been living in what she thought was a safe space.

I never thought the police would kill my daughter, Charity Baker told the station in July.

Police had been called to the scene following a report of a dispute between roommates. An investigation by the State Attorney’s Office determined that the fatal shooting was justified.

The video clip was released today after the State Attorney’s office announced that all bodycam footage from officer-involved shootings deemed justifiable under Florida law would be made public record.

Baker, meanwhile, is survived by a 9-year-old daughter, according to an online fundraiser set up by her cousin to offset funeral costs and launch an education fund for the girl.

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