This Drone Is Cleaning Windows 1100 Feet Over the Ground

Aerones, cleaning windows drone

Earning a living almost always requires people to step out of their comfort zone and step away from leisure. Take building cleaners for instance. They have to hover thousands of feet over the ground, dangling in the air to clean the glass windows. It’s a tough and fatiguing job. Well, now they have an easier alternative.

Aerones, a tech firm from Latvia is creating powerful drones that will clean the skyscrapers’ windows and windmills. This will definitely be a convenience for humans.

The firm has just released a video footage in which a drone is shown. It is cleaning windows at very high altitudes. It can carry out its functions effectively up to 1,100 feet in the air. It is connected to a source of water on the ground through a pipe. 

Since it targets a niche market, there are not many substitutes for the job. So, the introduction of the drones will replace manual workers in this field. However, the job itself is quite risky in terms of safety. If someone makes the slightest mistake they may end up having severe concussions or could even die.

The company posted on its blog about the drone. It claims that this technology is specifically designed to clean, coat and thaw the wind turbines. Plus, it is relatively faster and saves time. The company is searching for other things where this technology could be used. To find it out, it is carrying out experiments.

Aerones is quite optimistic about the future of these high tech drones. It is testing whether the drone could be used in firefighting.

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