Samsung Galaxy X Foldable To Be Unveiled Before Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy x foldable

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

Samsung will announce the Galaxy X, a foldable smartphone ahead of the very foreseen Galaxy S10, according to prolific leaker Ice Universe.

This presumably implies that the foldable smartphone’s unveiling, which has been delayed for a year, and now this will finally happen soon.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date

Reports claimed that Samsung was hoping to set the Galaxy X smartphone launch on coming December or January 2019. A subsequent report in May that Samsung was planning the Galaxy X smartphone announcement for the new year 2019. Mobile’s World Congress in February, with the Galaxy S10 to be unveiled a month sooner in January 2019 at CES.

Galaxy X Smartphone launch has been postponed for a year, however, it looks like it will be finally hitting the market in next year.  Reports have claimed that the components of the foldable phone are already being manufactured, in the time expected  2019 launch

The nearby announcement dates for the Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 Smartphone should not be a problem for Samsung. The Galaxy X Smartphone will likely not cannibalize sales for the Samsung Galaxy S10. As the foldable mobile phone is expected with a price that may be high as around $1,800.

Samsung Flagship Smartphones For 2019

The Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 Smartphone release dates may at still change. Samsung fans will probably need to sit tight until late 2018. For further rumors on which gadget will be announced starting in the new year 2019.

However, either way, it seems like Samsung will be launching 3 new smartphones in 2019. It’s similar to Apple’s expected plan to unveil 3 new iPhone models this year.

Be that as it may, in any case, it would seem that Samsung will be launching three Smartphones in the next year 2019.

Following Ice Universe’s information, Samsung will announce the Galaxy X Smartphone in 2019 at CES, followed by the Galaxy S10 at MWC 2019. The Galaxy S10 is expected to be the first Samsung smartphone that will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The third flagship smartphone next year is the Galaxy Note 10, which will be the successor to the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Samsung will not be unveiling the Galaxy Note 9 on Aug. But the rumor mill is already looking ahead to the Galaxy X Smartphone & Galaxy S10.