August 19, 2019

Radio signals from space just reached Earth: Proof of alien life or is it something else?

Radio signals from space just reached Earth

ASTRONOMERS in Canada have just encountered mysterious radio signals coming from deep space could they be proof of alien life or is it something else entirely?

The mysterious radio signals are so-called Fast Radio Bursts or FRBs from some unknown source in the cosmos. Thanks to Canada’s CHIME radio telescope in British Columbia, astronomers have identified eight of these radio bursts on Earth.

FRBs are incredibly short blasts of radio waves that only last milliseconds at a time. First discovered in 2007, FRBs have been a source of confusion among the scientific community.

Astronomers are not certain where FRBs come from but each new detection brings us closer to solving the mystery.

A new study, pre-published on the archive website, revealed eight new repeating FRBs detected in Canada.

The study reads: We report on the discovery of eight repeating Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) sources found using the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) telescope.

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McGill Space Institute Ph.D. student Pragya Chawla said, Discovering eight sources like this is so important because it says we have a lot more repeating FRBs and can figure out the environments and the galaxies these FRBs are located in if we follow them up with other telescopes.

Scientists have traced back repeater signals to galaxies billions of light-years away in a bid to show they are not unique to any particular star cluster.

FRBs, for instance, has been traced to a galaxy in the constellation Grus four billion light-years away.


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