Poonam Pandey shared her phots on Instagram and asks ‘which boob is bigger’

Poonam Pandey shared her phots on Instagram

Poonam Pandey often teases fans with her photoshoots, but this time she has gone to an extreme level to grab everyone’s attention.

Known for her sultry shoots and tease worthy social media content, Poonam Pandey is often in the headlines for her bold statements and pictures.

However, her latest social media post has left everyone baffled.
In her latest post, Poonam has put up an image of two hands covering her boobs. One seems to be her own while the other is of another person not in the frame.

Her face half-covered with her hair has a straight expression. But after viewing this post one would definitely be puzzled as to what was she trying to achieve with this scandalous picture other than creating some sort of controversial buzz.


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