Hong Kong security guard jailed four years over attempted rape of woman

Hong Kong security guard jailed four years over attempted rape of woman with mental disability

A Hong Kong court jailed a part-time security guard for four years on Thursday after he admitted to posing as a woman online to lure a woman with a mental disability into going on a shopping trip but instead took her to a guest house and tried to rape her.

Li Ka-ki, 30, found the victim, identified only as X, by scrolling through the Facebook account of a female acquaintance, the High Court heard.

Pretending to be his friend, Li began chatting with the victim, asking about her sexual history and sending an explicit video. They agreed to meet up in Causeway Bay for shopping on May 13 last year. Li took X took the guest house where security footage showed they stayed in a room for about 40 minutes.

During that time, Li forced himself on the woman, who resisted and warned she would call police if he did not stop, the court heard. He persisted but eventually gave up because of her struggle.

The assault came to light the next day when the victim burst into tears at work, prompting a social worker on-site to make inquiries and the case was reported. Li was arrested three days later and picked out during an identification parade.

Senior public prosecutor Gary Leung said the victim had a mild mental disability, with her IQ falling between 50 and 69, against the average 100.

X knew that only a married couple or lovers could have sexual intercourse, so she kept struggling and shouted, ‘no’, Leung said. “[Li], however, was rather forceful.

Medical examination found X had suffered a small bruise on her leg.

In mitigation, the defence counsel said Li felt deep remorse and wanted to apologize to the woman.

The lawyer also revealed the defendant had borderline personality disorder, as well as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, on top of a hearing disability that had required medical treatment since he was a child.

But Madam Justice Maggie Poon Man-kay noted Li’s offence involved a number of aggravating factors, including lying to the victim which showed premeditation. Since the attack, the woman had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and her ability to trust others was undermined, Poon said.

It should not be assumed that attempted rape would be sentenced less than the completed offence, Poon said.

Li was sentenced to six years in jail but the judge discounted one-third of the time owing to his guilty plea.

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