Google Started a New Tool to Site’s SEO Implementation


Google has just started a new tool to measure many aspects of a website, including how good it performs SEO implementation best practices.

The new tool is right now in open beta and available online at

google new tool seo implementation

This website is specially formatted to help developers and site owners apply modern web capabilities and thus it helps them by providing analysis and recommendations.

Google reported that this special SEO tool is the achievement of more than 10 years of learning about user needs.

As the bar for amazing experience continues to rise, users are quickly disappointed in a website experience that doesn’t get. And then they leave.

the website now has the capabilities to overcome that difficult to give all users the best possible experience.

To help the site owners give the best possible experience for users, also performs audits for SEO implementation, performance, accessibility, and more.

The tool is designed for:

  • Performance:
    Metrics audits are performed like first paint and time to be interactive and determine a difference.
  • PWA:
  • Assesses the web page against the baseline Progressive Web App Checklist. Best Practices:

    It checks everything from HTTPS usage to correct image aspect ratios.

  • SEO:

Looks for the best options to ensure your site is searchable.

  • Accessibility:
  • Find out common issues that may stop users from reaching your content.
 With this Google is offering
  • 1) Lighthouse audit
    2) Google search console
    3) Page speed insights
    4) Google analytics
    5) Google Chrome developer tools in chrome browser

Try google new tool SEO implementation:

Analytics of any site can be measured simply by typing the URL. Here’s a picture of how it delivers data after measuring Maza Inside