Latest: Google launches AI-driven audio news feed

Google launches AI-driven audio news feed: Photo AFP

Google announced on Thursday it’s coming up with a radio-style audio news feed, made according to the consumers’ requirements. It will be using artificial intelligence in order to be customized and people could access it on smart speakers.

This audio news feed will be similar to the cell phone news feed. In order to ensure this, Google mentioned that it joined hands with several other news companies. Liz Gannes, Google product manager wrote on a blog that this new technology would provide users with a personalized news playlist. It will be created just for them. She also explained how the news feed will give a short summary on the latest happenings and updates at first.

Thereafter, the users can decide to listen to more detailed information. They can also skip, rewind or stop the stories. All thanks to Google Assistant, the firm’s AI software.

The ultimate objective is to make the audio news feel like Netflix. You can have individualized recommendations and stories ready for you. Gannes says that the radio has been anything but customized since the last century.

People cannot choose what news they want to hear because it is ready-made. Even if the news does not concern them or maybe they already know about it yet they can’t decide. The new project, however, is an entirely different deal. It will allow people to have a personalized radio which will include topics that they like.

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Google has been working tirelessly along with other news and tech companies to make sure this project is a success. Audio services are being improved and the news will soon be available on Google’s speakers and smartphones.

Initially, the service will only be available to a set number of people. They will have to use the Google Assistant and it will be accessible in the United States in English.