Disturbing moment cop puts boy, 8, with ‘special needs’ in handcuffs and takes him to adult jail

cop puts boy, 8, with ‘special needs’ in handcuffs and takes him to adult jail

Disturbing footage shows the moment a cop handcuffed a crying 8-year-old boy and took him to jail in a police car after an incident at his elementary school.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump posted the footage on Monday and said authorities used scare straight tactics on the boy, who he says has special needs.

An officer, who is not seen in the video, instructed the sobbing boy to stand up straight and put his hands behind his back.

Another officer asking the boy, Do you know where you are going? You are going to jail.

The officer then placed the boy against a filing cabinet and frisked him before taking out his metal handcuffs.

As he put the cuffs on the 8-year-old, another officer not shown in the video, questioned whether the cuffs would fit the young boy.

The boy was led out of his elementary school and while waiting to be put into the back of a squad car. The police lectured the boy.

You understand this is very serious, OK? the police said, And I hate that you put me in this position and that I have to do this.

The police continued – The thing about it is you made a mistake and it’s time to learn and grow from it. And don’t repeat the same mistake again.

The video ends with the cuffed boy walking alongside an officer to the police car.

It was not immediately clear if the video is a discovery in a civil case against the Key West Police Department, according to the Miami Herald.

Officers then booked the boy into Monroe County Detention Center in Key West.

In the tweet, attorney Crump rips the police for their tactics.

“Unbelievable!! @KWPOLICE used “scared straight” tactics on 8yo boy with special needs,” Crump wrote.

“He’s 3.5 ft tall and 64 lbs, but they thought it was appropriate to handcuff and transport him to an adult prison for processing!! He was so small the cuffs fell off his wrists!”

Key West police spokeswoman Alyson Crean told the Sun that the viral video showed an old incident that took place in December of 2018 and most of it was cut out.

Key West Police Chief Sean T. Brandenburg said in a statement Monday that his officers did not do anything wrong, the Miami Herald said.

According to the arrest report, the boy’s teacher said the 8-year-old was also not sitting properly in his seat.

After she requested him to sit properly several times, he refused and later punched her with his right hand.

The report further states that the police were in the school’s administrative office when the teacher and the boy arrived.

The boy had his hands clenched in fists and he was posturing as if he was ready to fight, according to the arrest report.

The arrest report continued – Based on the facts of the case, there is probable cause to believe that (the boy) did violate FSS 784.081 (2c) by actually and intentionally striking (the teacher) against her will.

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