Desi teacher pronounces Elon Musk as Musk Melon, leaves netizens in splits

Desi teacher pronounces Elon Musk as Musk Melon

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a favorite on the internet. Any kind of news that pertaining him gets attention in a matter of seconds. Social media is flooded with all kinds of content revolving around him, his company, SpaceX, his baby son who has a technical name, and many more.

An instance of this is doing the rounds now that has taken over desi internet. It concerns itself with the pronunciation of a name. When this comes to mind, many will connect this to his son named ‘X Æ A-Xii’ as people still struggle to say it.

Well, your guesses could not be more wrong. This video actually talks about how ‘Elon Musk’ is pronounced and it will, indeed, tickle your funny bone. It was shared on Instagram by a page run by a woman named ‘Mrs. Rajeshwari‘. She is a social media sensation already with her videos raking in views as she gives each word in the English language a desi twist with the pronunciation.

She decided to do the same with Musk as well. In the viral video, she is talking like a teacher by spelling out the name’s spelling on the blackboard with a stick. In the end, she says ‘Musk Melon’ which is actually a fruit!

For obvious reasons, the video was a hit. It was widely shared not on Instagram, but on other social media platforms as well. Netizens were thoroughly amused by it.

The comments section was filled with laughter emojis. “Vish I hed tichar lik u,” one user made sure the famous SMS language was used to convey what he or she felt about the video.

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