Car Bomb Attack on UK security firm in Kabul, 5 employees killed

UK security company attack

Car Bomb Attack on UK security firm in Kabul, 5 employees among 10 killed

According to reports, an explosion outside a British security firm’s building in Kabul on Wednesday resulted in around five employees among 10 were killed and 32 injured. This is thought to be yet another Taliban attack to harm the reputation of Afghan capital through brutality.

The police and the ministry of internal affairs claimed that the compound containing the security company was attacked by a car bomb. Responsibility claimed by the Taliban.

A G4S spokesperson, in his talk with the AFP in London, said that the company is working with the Afghan establishment. The situation will soon be brought to an end. A clearing operation is being carried out in the affected area, as told by the Afghan authorities. The health ministry representative, Wahid Majroh told AFP, “10 dead, 32 wounded have been evacuated from the site.” Interior ministry assistant speaker said the number could be subject to a change in the future. He also confirmed that there was no gunfire, contrary to what was mentioned previously.

The Taliban took the responsibility for the strike in a tweet. The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani declared that a team was devised for mediation with the insurgents. This was done on the commands of the United Nations to conciliate between Kabul and the activists. A few hours later, the tweet was made.
There have been anticipations by the Afghan regime, Western pacifists and UN that the 17-year war will be brought to an end.

Ghani announced at a conference in Geneva that Chief of staff, Abdul Salam Rahimi will lead the 12-person team. Ghani thinks Rahimi, the former deputy Afghan finance minister, is one of his best lieutenants.

A Surge of Violence:

The attack on G4S is not the only example of Taliban fury. In fact, on Tuesday, there was an explosion in Ghazni, central Afghanistan. As a result, three US soldiers had died. In the past few weeks, there have been multiple attacks by the Taliban causing hundreds of deaths.

55 people lost their lives on November 20, due to a suicide bombing in a banquet hall. Although the international groups want to re-establish peace in Afghanistan, their efforts are not being reciprocated by the Taliban.
Zalmay Khalilzad, a US emissary, is quite optimistic that a peace deal shall be signed before the Afghan presidential elections.

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