Bomb threat spurs evacuation at Facebook Silicon Valley campus

Bomb threat spurs evacuation at Facebook

The police reported a bomb threat at the Silicon Valley, headquarters of Facebook Inc that led to the evacuation of the building. The headquarters is near San Francisco. The search was carried out for hours but there was no sign of any explosives.

Nicole Acker, a spokesperson for the Menlo Park police informed that the New York Police Department got an unknown indication about a bomb threat at Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, California. The local police officials were informed at about 4:30 pm.

According to Acker, the evacuation was only limited to a three-story facility on the campus and she said it was not the headquarters building. But a spokesperson from the company mentioned in an email that a few nearby buildings were also evacuated.

Acker informed Reuters on a phone call that around 8 pm the evacuation was still in progress. San Mateo Country Sheriff’s Office bomb squad investigators along with their trained dogs were examining the building to find out the explosives. 
The police authorities and Facebook stated that no one was hurt and everyone was well protected. Acker claimed that no data had been found regarding any bombs in the building. She further added that the exact procedure has to be carried out for any bomb threat and the police have to be very comprehensive.

Recently, another incident had happened to a Silicon Valley company, called youtube. A woman came to the headquarters in San Francisco and started shooting. Three people were injured and afterward, she shot herself and died.

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