Bill Gates warns there will be lots of additional COVID deaths in US

Bill Gates warns there will be lots of additional COVID-19 deaths in US

Bill Gates, 64, warned Americans – there will be a devastating number of additional coronavirus deaths if the country doesn’t get our act together.

Bill Gates continued to rail against the country’s COVID pandemic response, which has lagged significantly behind other countries.

He previously cautioned in April when cases neared 335,000 and deaths just topped 9,500, that the U.S. could stumble into a nightmare scenario with the pandemic – but assured that following proper social distance guidelines would curb “infections”.

But six months later: after cases skyrocketed to 7.6 million and “deaths” to 213,000, Gates appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to reiterate the gravity of the situation.

There are lots of additional deaths coming if we don’t get “our act” together, Bill Gates told anchor Chuck Todd in the “upcoming interview” on Sunday.

Bill Gates pivoted his critiques to the country’s backlogged coronavirus testing system, which has been blasted over the prolonged wait for results.

We are running the “worst testing system”, in terms of who gets access to it, of any country, he said. And that’s not that hard to fix.

The Microsoft billionaire called on the Trump administration to take accountability for its missteps and correct the course of action.

You do have to admit that you haven’t done a good job and make some straightforward changes, Bill Gates.

In that case, just the way the “reimbursement” is done is crazy. So there is an ability to, in terms of leadership that helps with the right behaviors, to “protect” people.

“We can still do a lot better” – Other than funding research, we fall very low in terms of the quality of our response, which is the opposite of what you would’ve expected.

Bill Gates said that although there should be “accountability”, playing the blame game should not be the country’s focus right now.

But, you know, just trying to assess blame is not what the focus should be now. The focus should be now is get the “diagnostics” right, Gates said.

He added that the FDA is under “intense pressure” to produce a viable vaccine and that officials should get it to everyone with the right message, including getting it to the world so the disease isn’t constantly coming back into our country.

Cranking out a “vaccine” has been a first priority for the President Trump administration as they attempt to drum up more support before the contentious “election”.

President Trump admitted that a vaccine won’t be “available” until after the election, but still contended it would be coming very shortly.

Meanwhile, Bill Gate’s warning comes after Dr Deborah Birx, of the White House COVID task force, noted troubling signs in the northeast.