Apple offers $1 million reward to anyone who can hack an iPhone

Apple offers $1 million reward to anyone who can hack an iPhone

The world of hackers is more complex than you might imagine. Far from being a completely shadowy underworld, some hackers work for the greater good by searching for security flaws that need to be patched before they are exploited by criminals.

At the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Apple iPhoneannounced that it will pay $1 million reward to anyone who can hack the iPhone. This is the highest bounty a company has ever offered to for bug hunting.

Previously Apple iPhone had offered rewards to only invited researchers who looked for security flaws in their phones.

The company has now said that it will open the bounty to all researchers for finding vulnerabilities in iOS, macOS and other targets, and will offer a $1 million rewards for significant findings.

The $1 million reward only applies to a specific case where the attacker has to gain remote access to the iPhone’s Kernel without the need for any action from the user.

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This increase in cash prizes is significant for Apple. Not only was their original a bit of a lowball at $200,000, the million-dollar offering actually puts Apple past its competitors as the highest ever bounty on the market from a major technology company.

All security researchers are welcome to submit their reports for the bounty. Apple has even made things easier for them by offering a modified phone that has some security features disabled.