Almost half of Americans think Trump was worst president ever, with Obama named best, poll finds

Almost half of Americans think Trump was worst president ever, with Obama named best

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been named as the worst president ever in U.S. history in a new YouGov poll, while his predecessor Barack Obama was voted the best.

The results of the survey, produced with The Economist, show the polarisation of U.S. political opinions at the end of the Donald Trump presidency and as he is facing an impeachment trial in the Senate over the Capitol insurrection.

Asked who they felt was the worst president ever, 46% of respondents named Donald Trump. The survey was conducted between 6 and 9 February with almost 1,500 participants.

Barack Obama was named the worst president by 24% of respondents, while former president Richard Nixon who left office in ignominy after the Watergate scandal was named the worst by 5% of people.

Respondents in the survey were also asked who they thought was the best president in history, and here the results were much closer. Mr. Barack Obama narrowly topped the list by 18%, followed by 17% who voted for Abraham Lincoln. But then Donald Trump was voted as the best by 13%, making him third in the list ahead of Franklin D Roosevelt.

The poll also looked at the different aspects related to Trump’s impeachment trial in the wake of the Capitol riots, and the mandate was largely against him.

About 43% of the participants felt he had a lot of responsibility for the violent siege of the Capitol that left five people dead, while 30% said that he had none.

About 41% of the participants strongly approved of Trump’s impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives, while 35% strongly opposed the proceedings. And about 47% believe that the U.S. Senate should vote to convict Donald Trump for the insurrection while 42% voted against it.

Over half the participants (53%) were opposed to the idea of Trump running for president again. A total of 37% said they would support it.

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